ALERT Cathay Pacific #CX234 did emergency landing at Istanbul with one engine shut down

b-kpx-cathay-pacific-boeing-777-367er_PlanespottersNet_410211Cathay Pacific Boeing 777 (registration B-KPX) flight #CX234 from Milan to Hong Kong did an emergency landing at Istanbul. Engine #1 was shut down after 3 hour flight.

The flight is cancelled and passengers are disembarked.

First night in #Istanbul #turkey #canceled-flight #cathaypacific left engine was shut off after flying for three hours departing from milan. Forced to land in Istanbul. Had been waiting in the plane for four hours……now, the engine is fixed though, we still need to get off the aircraft (after the long wait) as “the paperwork progress has been taking slow and we couldn’t get the approval from HK for us to fly again, within the legal working hours of our crew” #amazing #journey @cathaypacific I’m gonna miss all my meetings 🙏

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