ALERT Two Air Algeria pilots suspended for letting a child handle a plane in flight

Pilotes d'Air Algérie laisse un enfant manipuler l'avion en vol!

Deux pilotes d'air Algérie sont suspendus après avoir laissé un enfant manipuler l'avion en vol!Plus de détails sur

Publié par AeroTunisie sur samedi 29 juillet 2017


Two Air Algeria pilots were suspended for letting a child handle a ATR672, registered 7T-VUT which was to connect Alger to Setif in commercial flight.

As part of an initiative taken by an association for the assistance of orphans without support, the crew invited an orphaned child to the cockpit.

Sitting on the captain’s seat and assisted by the pilot, the child appears in a video handling the controls in mid-air.

In the report broadcast by the Algerian channel “Al Bilad TV”, the pilot explicitly states that the child was able to manipulate the aircraft and that he took capes left and right on a cruise.