NEWS Pilot from KLM suffers a heart attack before take off from Glasgow

KLM pilot suffered a heart attack minutes before take off from Glasgow airport.

The Dutch captain on flight to Amsterdam became unwell as he taxied to the runway.

He was resuscitated by the crew with the help of an on-board passenger.

Firefighters from Glasgow airport helped take the Dutch pilot off the plane.

He was met by ambulance crews and taken to hospital.

The co-pilot of the plane, which had 128 people on board, took the aircraft back to the gate.

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BREAKING Contact lost with cargo space ship to International Space Station


An uncrewed Russian spacecraft meant to resupply the International Space Station appears to have suffered a malfunction shortly after launch today. Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, said that it lost communication with the spacecraft 383 seconds into the flight. The third stage of the rocket, which helps propel the cargo ship to its final orbit, reportedly shut down “earlier than planned”.

The spacecraft could already be headed back towards Earth if a malfunction occurred while the spacecraft was still executing its third stage burn. The ship is carrying more than 5,300 pounds (2,400 kilograms) of cargo, including food, water, propellant, and other supplies.

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NEWS Victoria’s Secret chartered a private jet from New York, full of models to Paris fashion show


© taylor_hill
© taylor_hill

Victoria’s Secret on Monday chartered a plane from New York to Paris to transport their “Angels” to the 2016 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show on Wednesday.

Kendall Jenner, Bella Hadid and countless other Victoria’s Secret models boarded a flight to Paris, where they will be strutting their stuff down the runway for the lingerie company’s annual show. Donning matching light pink shirts with the words, “Victoria’s Secret Paris 2016,” the models seemed beyond thrilled to hop aboard their flight to France.

ALERT Aer Lingus plane damaged after collision with de-icing truck at Dublin Airport


A de-icing truck collided with the side of the turbine engine of an Airbus A320 on a parking stand at Dublin Airport yesterday morning.

The plane was being de-iced at approximately 6.20am when the rig used to de-ice the plane reportedly malfunctioned and rolled into the engine.

The airline brought a reserve aircraft into service for the flight to Milan.


There were members of staff on the rig when it rolled into the plane, but it is not yet clear whether the plane had passengers on board.

The airlines are responsible for any de-icing operations at Dublin Airport.

ALERT Wing tips of 2 aircraft collided at Mumbai airport


The wing tips of two aircraft ­­ collided at Mumbai Airport today. The incident happened when the wings of an incoming Kuwait Airways aircraft and an outbound IndiGo narrow body aircraft clipped before 6am when it was still dark.

The sharklet of an IndiGo Airbus A-320 (reg. V-TIFP) was damaged. The plane returned to the terminal.

In a statement, IndiGo said: “IndiGo confirms that the wing tip of its Airbus A-320 aircraft came in contact with the wing tip of the Airbus A-330… of an international operator… while taxiing at Mumbai airport Wednesday morning. At about 5.45am, while the aircraft of this international airline was taxiing toward the parking stand, at the same time an IndiGo flight (flight #6E207) was taxiing to depart to Jaipur from taxiway N and W under air traffic control’s (ATC) instruction.“

“Approximately at 5.45am, the pilot of this international airline was advised by ATC to move ahead to make way for IndiGo aircraft.As per (rules), while an aircraft is on taxiway N, Taxiway W4 must not be permitted to use as standard wingtip clearance is not met… Hence, due to the taxiing process, the Airbus 320 aircraft of IndiGo came in contact with Airbus A330,“ IndiGo said.

Kuwait Airways’ spokesperson Andrew Chupeau said in a mail: “As the Kuwait Airways A-330 was in a holding stationary position when the incident took place, the IndiGo A-320 came into contact with the Kuwait Airways A-330… Kuwait Airways can confirm that no passengers were at risk; however, it is understood that the wingtip of an A-320 aircraft scratched Kuwait Airways’ A330 (reg. 9-KAPA) left outboard flap. Kuwait Airways is cooperating fully with both Indian civil aviation authorities and Kuwait’s DGCA, in order to investigate this incident.“ The flight #KU301, had flown into Mumbai from Kuwait City .

The IndiGo spokesperson said one of its passengers saw the wings clipping and “immediately alerted the crew.The highly experienced pilotin-command operating 6E 207 immediately decided to take precautionary measure and returned the aircraft to the parking bay. The flight crew ensured to keep all passengers informed about the situation and assured to maintain calm on board. All passengers were safely accommodated to the other aircraft.“