BREAKING Singapore Airlines #SQ16 interrupted takeoff to avoid collision at Seoul

Ch8EyewWsAAU2ARFriday, Singapore Airlines flight SQ16 to San Francisco was forced to make an emergency stop during takeoff when the controller told the pilots that Korean Air flight KE929 (Airbus A330-200) to St Petersburg (Russia) was crossing the runway without permission.

Bounded for San Francisco, SQ16 flight, which was carrying 186 people on board, was running at 90-100 km/h as it accelerated so that it could lift off the ground at about 5.50pm.
Several tires of the Singapore Airlines Boeing 777-300ER exploded during braking. Both planes had come to a halt, they were 1.7km apart.

Ministry of Transportation launched an investigation to understand what could have been a terrible disaster and to determine the exact circumstances and the responsibility of everyone.