EMERGENCY A Jin Air Boeing B737-800 takes off from Philippines with front left door not fully shut

A Jin Air flight bound for Busan was forced to turn back half an hour after takeoff from the Philippine resort island of Cebu on Sunday morning because one of its doors was not fully shut.

A public relations officer from the low-cost carrier said that the 16-year-old Boeing B737-800 passenger plane left Mactan Cebu International Airport at 1 a.m., turned around 30 minutes later and arrived back at the gate at 2:10 a.m. with no trouble landing. The plane was flying 10,000 feet above ground, nearly one-third its normal horizontal flight path, with 163 passengers onboard. No one was injured.

Without specifying if anyone had alerted the crew about the malfunction and when, the source from Jin Air only said that “there was a sound” near the front left door and that “flight attendants and people near that zone were aware” something had gone wrong.