NEWS 25 drunk and abusive Irish passengers kicked off Thomson flight #TOM38

thomsondreamliner0703aThomson Airways flight TOM38 was delayed at Gatwick while 25 passengers described as ‘drunk’ were removed from the flight.┬áThe Dreamliner was due to take off for Costa Rica when a large group of people started being abusive to cabin crew.

Witnesses said that the flight was first delayed due to technical issues before the passengers started being abusive.┬áPolice boarded the flight to remove the passengers – which included a 14 year-old boy – after the pilot refused to fly with them on board.

Sussex police told the Daily Mail: “At 11.35am on Monday police were called to an outbound Thomson flight due to leave Gatwick North Terminal for Costa Rica after the captain refused to fly with a group of 25 male passengers, all adults except for one 14-year old boy, some of whom had been disorderly on the aircraft”.

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