NEWS 26 years since the MD-11s maiden flight

On January 10, 1990 the first McDonnell Douglas MD-11 took off to the skies. Praised by enthusiasts and passengers, crews had mixed feelings about the trijet and operators somewhat despised it. From the beginning, the aircraft failed to deliver on its fuel burn and range promises. A PIP (product improvement package) was introduced but by that point the dye was cast. Airlines like Singapore quickly cancelled their orders and orders slowed markedly. The MD-11 is an aircraft that came late to an era in which Extended Operations (ETOPS) equipped twin-engined aircraft such as the Boeing 767 and shortly thereafter the Airbus A330, and the Boeing 777, were taking over routes that were once the domain of the trijets like the DC-10 or L1011 Tristar, and of course, the Boeing 747.


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