NEWS Air New Zealand in doubt over sight seeing flights to Antarctica

Back in February of 2012 many families who lost loved ones on the DC10-30 ZK-NZP TE901 accident in the Antarctica had revisited the sight of what remains the memorial and the wreckage of flight TE901 on the lower slopes of Mt Erebus. Air New Zealand put on a specail public charter using there own B744 too the ice after 35 years ago when they lost one of there DC10-30 aircraft.257 passengers and crew perished. Now the airline has run into trouble trying to find a suitable wide bodied aircraft for the trip. As there last two remaining B744’S are now retired. ZK-SUH ZK-NBV were used on the last two trips as NZ6001 NZ6061 in 2113 2014. They are doubt over there B773 aircraft doing the trip. But this organisation that rune the trips says they can charter a b744 when needed.