NEWS British Airways 767 to Athens returns to Heathrow because of fuel leak to one engine over the English Channel

Today, A British Airways flight to Athens, operating on 767 G-BZHA, departed London at 12:37 – and had to return to Heathrow once it was over the English Channel because the crew noticed a fuel leak and had to shut down one of the engines of the aircraft.

Crew stopped the climb at 20,000ft and turned back to Heathrow and had a safe landing.

Later on today, a replacement aircraft, longhaul configured 767 G-BNWM, after returning from Calgary, departed London at 17:38 and is expected to arrive at Athens at 22:40. The return flight BA633 will depart Athens at 23:30 (5 hours late) and is expected to arrive at Heathrow at 01:27 tomorrow morning.