NEWS British Airways #BA295 from Chicago makes emergency landing at Heathrow as two of its five sets of wheels broke

Orange marked area is the wheels that did NOT deploy on arrival.

Hero BA pilot has been praised after he dramatically grounded a packed passenger plane as two of the five sets of wheels malfunctioned.

Flight BA295 to Chicago, returned to Heathrow after ‘technical problems’ yesterday teatime. The flight
was met immediately by fire engines on the runway.

Passengers described their experience as ‘very scary’ and praised the pilot who managed to smoothly land the 747 after turning around two hours into the flight.

G-CIVX had been in maintenance at Heathrow since the 25th January and returned to service on this flight.

Picture of the 747 arriving at Heathrow with part of the main gear not deployed

Replacement 747 G-CIVI departed for Chicago at 9pm but some passengers chose not to re-board.

The flight consisted of over 300 people – 293 passengers and 14 crew members.

There were reports from Channel 4 News that Prince Andrew was on this flight, but that since has been rejected by a BA source.