NEWS The elite dining of Michelin-star first class airline cuisine revealed

Passengers are being treated to the finest cuisine while they fly.
Airlines are employing the celebrity or Michelin-star chefs to ensure that the first class passengers dine the best way they can.
Instead of getting bland chicken and rice, they can chose between canapés with truffle mayo, scrumptious tuna steaks or even caviar tartlets.

Airlines around the world are spending hundreds and thousands to make sure they can satisfy their first class passengers, and persuade them to fly first with them again.

Employing well known chefs include:
Lorraine Pascale for Virgin Atlantic,
Pierre Gagnaire for All Nippon Airways
Heston Blumenthal for British Airways.

(Daily Mail)

Virgin Atlantic have partnered with celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale to create their Upper Class dishes which includes tuna steak