NEWS Expensiveness Of Air Tickets In Armenia Due To Government’s High-Tax Policy

Armen Grigoryan, a political examiner, thinks the cost of air tickets in Armenia is brought on by the high charges set by the administration for avionics area.

The outside approach has created negative results,» he said Thursday at a news gathering.

The liberalisation of this range inferred by this arrangement was relied upon to lower assessments, however in spite of that obligations in Armenia are most elevated in the locale.

Grigoryan finds superfluous the clarification that assessments are high in light of the fact that Yerevan’s Zvartnots International Airport is keep running by a privately owned business.

The fundamental driver of the high costs for air tickets is state taxes, he said. For sample, the study directed by USAID in 2011 demonstrated that Airbus 320 pays €28,500 for two hours of staying in Yerevan, while in Riga it pays €16,000, he said.

Armenia’s administration has done literally nothing to put things right. As an illustration of the administration’s high-assess arrangement, Grigoryan called attention to ‘instalment for air’, from which Shirak airport travellers exempted, yet the offer of Shirak airplane terminal is 5% in the nation’s air traveler movement.

The political investigator is persuaded that if charges in flying are brought down, Armenia will draw in minimal effort aircrafts and the inflow of vacationers into the nation will significantly heighten, as it happened to Georgia.

On October 23, 2013, the Armenian government endorsed the project of procurement of aggressive long haul air transportation benefits in Armenia. The system was taking into account McKinsey & Company and Armenian National Competitiveness Foundation’s joint study.

Zvartnots Airport is keep running by the Armenia – International Airports as per a 30-year concessional administration understanding fixed with Armenian government in 2001.

The organisation has a place with American International Airports, an Argentine organisation claimed by Eduardo Eurnekian, an Argentine business person of Armenian drop.