NEWS Passengers on Southwest flight took part in a “toilet paper race” (video)

Passengers on a recent Southwest Airlines flight across the country took part in a “toilet paper race” to pass the time while in the air.

Flight attendants on the flight from Raleigh to Denver, which is slated to be four hours long, decided to pit the passengers against each other mid-flight. The side of the plane that won the race got to deplane first.

Marcie Villarreal said “I’ve been flying different airlines my whole life, and just when I think I’ve seen it all, your flight attendants decide to do a ‘toilet paper race,’” she wrote. “Hands down the funnest flight ever and I was even traveling with my baby. You rock, Southwest! Keep doing what you’re doing!”

The airline shared the post to their page Friday.

“Good speed. Great form. These Passengers may have a future in professional toilet paper roll racing,” Southwest said.