NEWS Skydive plane ditches in desert

Fifteen skydivers got away unscathed after a Skydive Dubai plane discarded in the desert not long after a prematurely ended take-off, said the organization in an announcement on its Facebook site.

As indicated by unsubstantiated pictures flowing on online networking, smoke surged from the Cessna Caravan plane which stopped on the tummy of its fuselage in favor of a sand hill taking after the constrained arriving on Tuesday morning.

Authorities with Skydive Dubai Desert Campus couldn’t be gone after remark by telephone on Thursday.

In an announcement on facebook, on the other hand, the organization said that around 8am on Tuesday, “the pilot, flying over the desert grounds experienced a specialized issue soon after it had taken off. The accomplished pilot, be that as it may, figured out how to arrive the plane securely, with each of the 15 travelers leaving unharmed. An official examination is being done by the neighborhood powers to source the reason for the episode and a point by point report will be shared upon the finishing of the examination.”

As indicated by Aviation Safety Network database there are 188 different occurrences logged by varieties of the Cessna air ship around the world.

The accident takes after the demise on April 30 of this current year of a Saudi national who dove to the ground while jumping, Skydive Dubai affirmed at the time.

Examiners are investigating a skydiving mischance in Dubai that killed one skydiver a week ago.

The organization said in right on time May that its specialists and the Dubai Police were researching that mischance.