NEWS: Skytrax Reveals World’s Worst Airline!

Skytrax has revealed that the worst airline in the world doesn’t go to Ryanair, considering all of the stereotypes made about it. The worst airline in the world according to Skytrax is Korean based Air Koryo.

Air Koryo received one star out of 5 compared to Ryanair with 2 stars out of 5. The carrier received a bad rating because of it’s ageing fleet. Air Koryo has not purchased a single aircraft in over 20 years and their pilots are forced to fly without digital assistance such as GPS or FMC’s.

Air Koryo flies to 14 airports in six countries and was banned from the EU in 2006 over safety and maintenance concerns. The ban was later lifted for the younger aircraft in their fleet.

With regards to the ratings, Skytrax stated: “The 1-Star Airline Rating represents a poor quality of product delivered across the assessment sectors, combining with low and/or inconsistent standards of front-line Staff Service for the Onboard and home-base Airport. There is currently one airline classified in the 1-Star Airline category”.