EMERGENCY Norwegian #DY5408 from Madrid to Stockholm declared an emergency and diverted to Brussels due to medical emergency on board

UPDATE EMERGENCY We have confirmation Norwegian #DY5408 from Madrid to Stockholm safely landed at Brussels.— AirLive.net (@airlivenet) April 5, 2015 BREAKING Norwegian #DY5408 from Madrid to Stockholm is declaring an emergency. Track: http://t.co/mzKkQjjfiX pic.twitter.com/YdhYRcjM5v— AirLive.net (@airlivenet) April 5, 2015

NEWS: Aviation body ‘voiced concerns of German safety lapses’ before Germanwings crash

The European Aviation Safety Agency had voiced concerns over Germany’s “non-conformity” with air safety rules before the Germanwings air crash that killed 150 people, especially on air crew health monitoring. The EASA, an EU agency, “had pointed out several cases of non-conformity”, spokesman Dominique Fouda said. “On the basis of the EASA recommendations the European…