Starting a career in aircraft may have various objectives. Despite a variable and somewhat busy schedule, pilots do have certain benefits over experts from other fields. First of all, becoming a commercial pilot does not require earning a university degree, all you need is a high school diploma and a special license given at the end of pilot training.

Secondly, this is a well-paid job. On average, airline and commercial pilots earn between $80,000 and $140,000 in a year (2018 stats), which is not too bad.

One of the most important factors that play in favor of choosing a career as a pilot is a positive job outlook. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the overall employment of pilots is predicted to grow by 6% by 2028 and, unlike many other jobs, it is not likely to be automatized (replaced by AI or other technologies) any time soon.

Finally, being a pilot is rather prestigious and, not less important – fun and exciting. Any of these and other objectives could make you decide to start acquiring a job in aircraft. With a bit of passion, dedication, and effort, you will definitely succeed. But, first, you will have to go through the toughest part of your training – passing ATPL exams.

How To Pass ATPL Exams: Top Tips

The ATPL flight test, otherwise called the Airline Transport Pilot License exam is probably the least fun part of the training. However, there is no way to become a pilot without passing it.

What is the ATPL theory exams difficulty? In general, the theory part of the test consists of 14 relevant subjects that pilots are studying in their course. To pass an exam and get your license, a student must get at least 75%.

How to pass the ATPL test? It takes time, effort, and tenacity to get ready for exams. To help you get on the right track, here are the top 3 most vital tips that can help you succeed:


  • Keep the materials from class at hand


The first thing worth mentioning is that you must start getting ready for exams since the very beginning of your course. How you may wonder? – By being attentive in the class and taking notes!

The materials you obtained in the class are the most helpful for the test prep process, so you should make sure that you make and keep them.

However, don’t just take notes thoughtlessly. Try to dig deeper and understand everything your instructor says. After all, studying for a pilot is nothing like being a regular college student. There is no way here to contact a writing service saying “write my English paper for me cheap” and score a high grade, if you become a pilot, you will undertake a huge responsibility for other people’s lives, so you have to make sure that you have a solid knowledge base for it. Thus, the first tip is to start getting ready in advance and to keep all your materials structured and organized to help you prepare for the exams.


  • Practice as much as you can


The easiest and safest way to get ready for any exam is by practicing relevant questions as much as possible. Luckily, on the Internet, you can find plenty of resources that allow students to practice tests online, so use this opportunity to your benefit!

Why do you need to practice more? Passing any test is stressful and when a person is under large pressure, his ability to think critically decreases, which can negatively influence the outcome. To avoid this, you need to get as comfortable with the ATPL exam questions as possible!


  • Be persistent


Last, but not least vital tip is to be persistent in your preparation for the exam. In many cases, tenacity and consistency are the keys to success, so here are a few extra tips on how to be persistent:

  • Start getting ready for tests as early as possible;
  • Have a plan;
  • Set specific, measurable, and time-bound goals to keep yourself motivated;
  • Devote at least a couple of hours a day to recap what you’ve learned;
  • Never give up!

The Bottom Line

Although becoming a pilot may sound like a tempting perspective, there is no need to sugarcoat it – passing the final exams is not going to be a piece of cake.

Throughout your pilot training course, you will gain lots of new knowledge and vital skills that will help you become a good specialist in the chosen field. However, in order to obtain a license, you will have to prove that you have everything to become a pilot.

Although passing the ATPL knowledge test is never too easy, the simple study tips from this article can help you succeed. Thus, don’t waste any more time to start getting ready for the tests and good luck!

Author’s Bio: This article was written by Jeff Blaylock. Jeff is a professional academic writer with a passion for flights. Not so long ago, Jeff himself went through all stages of ATPL test prep and successfully passed his exams. In this article, Jeff Blaylock shares his personal study tips that can help you pass your exams with ease.

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