7 Ridiculous Times people were kicked off planes

We get it. Being stuck in a confined space with people you might not necessarily know or like for a couple of hours is not most people’s idea of zen. In fact, it is probably a breeding ground for high blood pressure.
Usually folk manage to handle it *reasonably* well. But whether it is the constant recycling of stale air, or the criminal lack of leg room, there are always a few who let it get the better of them.
Here are seven examples of people being shown the door either for being ridiculous or for ridiculous reasons.
1. Jeremiah wanting his nuts NOW.
Just exactly how wound-up can a man get over peanuts? VERY, if you are Jeremiah Mathis Thede, from California. He forced a Chicago-bound United Airlines plane to make an unscheduled stop at Dublin International Airport after behaving erratically when staff refused to serve him peanuts during take off. He appeared in Coleraine Magistrates’ Court on Monday charged with endangering the safety of the aircraft, disruptive behaviour on board and common assault. The plane had to dump 50,000 litres of fuel, and the court heard that the cost of diverting the flight could be as high as £350,000. Some expensive habit, that.
2. Christian Slater and his gun.
Christian Slater did not even manage to make it on to the plane before causing a scene. Way back in 1994 he tried to board his flight at New York’s JFK airport with a GUN in his hand luggage. Along with not succeeding, he was arrested.
3. Alec Baldwin refusing to turn off his mobile phone.
In July 2011 Alec Baldwin caused a disturbance when he refused to stop playing Words with Friends on his mobile phone prior to take off at Los Angeles International Airport. He then took his phone into the American Airline plane’s lavatory, slamming the door so hard the pilot could reportedly hear it from behind the closed cockpit door. After being rude to the crew, he was removed from the flight.
4. Vice president wanting her nuts on a plate.
No, not THE vice president, but Heather Cho, VP of Korean Air. She seriously lost her cool last year on board a – you guessed it – Korean Air flight when a flight attendant offered her nuts in a bag rather than on a plate. She then demanded that the taxiing plane turn round so that the flight attendant could be kicked off at JFK, New York. Overreaction much?
5. Sarah Blackwood having a crying child.
The pregnant Walk Off The Earth singer was asked to leave a United Airlines flight from San Francisco to Vancouver in May because her toddler would not stop crying. Flight attendants reportedly asked her to “control your child” before requesting that she get off the plane.
6. Gerard Depardieu wanting a wee.
The French actor attempted to urinate in a bottle at the back of the plane when he was not allowed to use the toilet prior to take off in 2011. Unfortunately, his aim was a little off, and the CityJet Paris-Dublin flight was delayed for two hours while flight crew cleaned the newly-moistened carpet. He did say he was sorry, though.
7. Billie Joe Armstrong wearing some trousers.
The Green Day lead singer was removed from a flight after an elderly male passenger complained about his low-slung trousers. He objected, the rest is history
Source: Breaking News