A Canadian man may be charged nearly $18,000 after his drunken behavior caused the plane to return to the airport escorted by two F-15 fighter jets

A Canadian man may be charged $17,450 after his drunken and disorderly behavior caused the plane to make an emergency return to Montreal Airport escorted by two USAF F-15 fighter jets.

The 40-year-old man will be sentenced April 18 and prosecutors are requesting Nassios pay damages and serve three years probation, according to court documents, CTV News reported.

The nearly $18,000 fine factors in airplane fuel, landing fees, overtimes salaries for Sunwing employees and hotel costs for the 170 stranded passengers.

The incident happened July 6, 2017, when the Sunwing flight left Pierre Trudeau International Airport in Montreal for Cuba.

Sources CTV & Fox News