Jim Atkinson

Ryanair has released a video it claims is proof that a widely shared photo of crew sleeping on an airport floor was fake.

The grainy footage apparently shows some uniformed crew members arranging themselves in sleeping positions in a corner of the room before the photo was taken.

The SNPVAC union, which represents Portuguese airline crews, has alleged that 24 Ryanair crew members – eight pilots and 16 cabin crew – were forced to spend the night on the floor of an airport office in Malaga, Spain, without access to food or water, after their Porto-bound flights were diverted.

The incident occurred after four Ryanair crews bound for Portugal were diverted to Malaga Airport because of storms in Portugal. Twenty-eight Ryanair employees spent the night in the crew room at the airport as the airline claimed that all hotels in the Malaga region were booked.

The footage was posted on Ryanair’s Twitter account with the caption: “Ryanair exposes fake photo of cabin crew sleeping in crew room”.

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