A woman traveled from Chicago with a miniature horse onboard American Airlines flight

It’s not unusual to see dogs and cats onboard planes as emotional support animals in the US. But on one flight, a passenger brought a miniature horse onboard.

The service animal, called Flirty, was spotted onboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago, Illinois, to Omaha, Nebraska.

The docile pony was captured on video by several passengers standing in the footwell.

However, it is still up to individual airlines to rule on which animals are permitted onboard as comfort pets – as well as how many are permitted to travel with the passenger.

Various airlines have already ruled on which animals are allowed onboard.

American Airlines now only permits a cat, dog or miniature horse to be brought onboard as an emotional support animal.

An American Airlines spokesperson told The Independent: “This miniature horse was a trained service animal, which American Airlines accepts onboard following evaluation on a case-by-case basis.