Image Source: Entertainment Tonight/Getty/Rich Fury

Actor and comedian, Michael Rapaport, who currently stars in the Netflix show Atypical, prevented a passenger from opening an airplane emergency exit mid-flight Saturday morning.

Director of Fox Sports, Ted Kenny tweeted about the incident. They were on a flight from Houston to LA when Kenny heard a commotion and heard someone say, “What the f*** are you doing?!” Mr Kenny, who was with BIG3 Basketball League players Glen ‘Big Baby’ Davis and Baron Davis, got up and ran to the commotion and discovered Mr Rapaport holding a man by the collar and telling airline staff that the passenger had tried to open the emergency exit.

The passenger claimed that he thought the door was the toilet. Mr Kenny said he didn’t buy that excuse.

American Airlines confirmed the incident to Entertainment Tonight. The incident occured about 1 hour into the flight and said the passenger had asked for directions to the toilet. After Mr Rapaport prevented the passenger from opening the door cabin crew intervened. The man then explained to the flight crew he was confused and was able to return to his seat for the rest of the flight.

TMZ reports the passenger was spoken to by authorities who determined that he was genuinely confused and allowed him to continue on another flight to visit his sick mother in Vietnam.

Mr Rapaport, who has been seen in China Beach, E.R., NYPD Blue, Boston Public, My Name is Earl, Prison Break, Black-ish, among many others, has earned the nicknames Air Marshall Mike and Michael RapaPort Authority in some media after the incident.

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