After her request for upgrade was denied, the complaint of a former Vice-Minister’s daughter in Argentina leads Air France crew to be arrested

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The complaint of a former Vice-Minister of Justice’s daughter in Argentina leaded the interrogation in difficult conditions of part of Air France crew of flight between Paris and Buenos Aires.

According to SNPL, following charges made by a passenger, the crew of flight #AF228 of October, 29 2017 to Buenos Aires in Argentina was arrested by police.

All started from the complaint of a passenger after her request for free upgrade was denied due to lack ofavailable seats.

She then asked to change seat due to the “inappropriate attitude” of her the passenger next to her. The crew didn’t notice anything but accepted the request.

After landing, following a complaint, part of the crew was forced to go to the airport police station and to stay for 6 hours.

They had to go to the Buenos Aires court the next morning at 8:30. There, they were placed in a courtyard. The cabin chief was separated from the rest of the group and locked in a room of 1m² with no possibility neither to sit, drink or eat for several hours.

Everyone was released without excuse at the end of the day and repatriated to France.

The crew became aware of the passenger’s relationship with a magistrate from Buenos Aires and a former Deputy Minister of Justice, who is none other than his father.

Argentine media are reporting a real different version:

During the night, the woman woke up and noticed he man next to her was masturbating. Immediately she asked the crew to change seat. The chief of cabin didn’t believe her but finally accepted she changes place.

Once the plane arrived in Argentina, the man was arrested by decision of the federal judge and the chief of cabin charged for not taking the appropriate measures in the situation.