An Airbus A320 in Airbus house colors landing. Photo Credit: Janak Raja.

The Airworthiness Directive was sent to Airbus and all A320neo operators, as both a warning and order.

The AD requires operators to update their Aircraft Flight Manuals and inform all flight crews about the issue.

EASA stated that this was an interim precaution and further ADs may follow.

According to the information retrieved from Airbus by the aviation news portal Simple Flying, there should be a combination of the four conditions for a possible failure with the A320neo, unlike the A321neos.

First, the gravity center of the aircraft must slip towards the back. And then the aircraft must in the process of a continuous deceleration. The plane must also be in the approach or landing phase. Finally, the pilots must perform a dynamic pitch-up maneuver.

Under these circumstances, the plane may face an unwanted pitch-up situation out of the defined limits in the aircraft’s manuals.

The directive dated July 31st followed the first AD issued on July 18 for a similar finding in the A321neos.

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