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ALERT 8 flight attendants injured after Eva Air #BR56 to Chicago was hit by turbulence

Eight injured flight attendants and three injured passengers were taken to the hospital.

A total of 11 people were injured after a plane from Taipei to Chicago was hit by massive turbulence on Wednesday.

Eva Air flight number BR56 carried 178 passengers including four babies, and 21 crew members.

The Boeing 777 departed Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at 8:18pm on November 22 local time and was hit by the turbulence at around 9:40pm.

The plane was flying over Japan and the seat belt sign was switched on.

Eight flight attendants were left injured, according to a spokesperson from Eva Air.

Two of them suffered sprained ankle and six of them had bruises. Three passengers were also said to suffer bruises.

The spokesperson said there were qualified doctors on board, who helped treat the injured people afterwards.

The Boeing 777 arrived at Chicago O’Hare International Airport at 6:38pm on November 22 local time. Injured passengers and crew members were taken to the hospital.

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