Norwegian South West police said they were notified of an Icelandic man in his 60s trying to get into the cockpit.

The flight #W62427 was forced to turn around and land in Stavanger airport just after 9am on Wednesday.

Norwegian South West police wrote on Twitter: “We are moving out to Stavanger airport after reporting a person who has disembarked on a plane.

“There is control of the person on board.

About an hour later, the service reported: “The plane has landed. We have taken out a male passenger in his 60’s.

“No one has been harmed. We are working to clarify what has happened.”

The man has been arrested, Stavanger airport police chief Kjetil Andersen said.

The fire department and police were on standby at the airport.

The passenger plane was on its way from Hungary to Iceland.

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