Qantas A380 plane caught up in "wake turbulence"

Passengers on board a Qantas A380 feared they were going to die after a terrifying mid-air emergency. One A380 was forced into a 10-second nose dive after being caught up in the "wake turbulence" of another aircraft on Sunday night. The planes took off from Los Angeles two minutes apart, both headed for Australia. The incident was initially not reported to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. However, Qantas has since been asked to provide an explanation. www.7News.com.au #Qantas #7News

Publiée par 7NEWS Sydney sur Mercredi 13 juin 2018

Qantas Airways said on Thursday one of its Airbus A380 experienced a short burst of wake turbulence from another A380 flying ahead and above it.

No passengers were injured and there was no aircraft damage from the incident which involved an A380 taking off from Los Angeles late on Sunday LA time bound for Melbourne, flying behind another Qantas A380 en route to Sydney, a Qantas spokesman said.

Wake turbulence forms behind an aircraft as it passes through the air, and air traffic control requires more spacing behind larger jets like the A380 to avoid it.

Wake turbulence is uncommon and typically involves a larger jet and a smaller aircraft rather than two super-jumbos.

The aircraft were 20 nautical miles apart in distance and 1000 feet in altitude.

The wake turbulence was due to another A380 above and ahead of the QF94, operating the QF 12 to Sydney.

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