The body of a baby was discovered in the lavatory of an AirAsia India flight by the cabin crew preparing for landing.

India Today reports that police believe the baby was delivered stillborn on the Imphal-Guwahati-New Delhi route. A medical examination was performed by a doctor at New Delhi airport who confirmed the baby “had been delivered onboard.”

Metro reports that other news outlets say the baby was found with toilet paper in it’s mouth.

Police boarded the plane on landing after being informed by am AirAsia manager. India Today says that in a statement AirAsia said that a suspect has been held by police for further investigation. The investigation will also determine to find out if it was a forced abortion.

International Business Times also reports that the person being held is a 19 year old taekwondo team member. Senior police also told IBT it is believed the young woman boarded at Assam and initially appeared to look underage.

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