29th May:

BA4547 and BA4548 from Edinburgh to Palma on E190 G-LCYU

BA9134 and BA9135 from London Heathrow to Lemnos on A321 G-EUXE

30th May:

From & to Heathrow:
BA9240 and BA9241 to Kos on A320 G-EUYV
BA9216 and BA9217 to Cagliari on A320 G-EUUR
BA9232 and BA9233 to Rhodes on A321 G-EUXK
BA9234 and BA9235 to Bodrum on A320 G-EUUT
BA9238 and BA9239 to Bastia on A320 G-EUYG
BA9218 and BA9219 to Olbia on A320 G-EUUN
BA9228 and BA9229 to Dalaman on A320 G-EUYN
BA9244 and BA9245 to Dalaman on A320 G-EUUK

From & to Glasgow:
BA4519 and BA4520 to Verona on E190 G-LCYS
BA4543 and BA4544 to Venice on E190 G-LCYP
BA4543 and BA4544 to Palma on E190 G-LCYK
BA4521 and BA4522 to Palma on E190 G-LCYR

From & to Edinburgh:
BA4501 and BA4502 from Edinburgh to Palma on E190 G-LCYM

From Edinburgh to Manchester via Ibiza:
BA4511 from Edinburgh to Ibiza on E190 G-LCYJ
BA4512 from Ibiza to Manchester on E190 G-LCYJ

From & to Aberdeen:
BA4503 and BA4504 from Aberdeen to Malaga on E190 G-LCYO

From & to Humberside:
BA4513 and BA4514 from Humberside to Alicante on E170 G-LCYI

From & to Isle of Man:
BA4541 and BA4542 from Isle of Man to Menorca on E170 G-LCYF

Meanwhile, British Airways City Flyer E170 G-LCYE has positioned from London City to Warsaw for maintenance this morning as BA9769.
Also Embraer E170 G-LCYD has flew from London City to Cambridge for training BA9771.

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