ALERT A flight at McCarran Airport outside Las Vegas has been quarantined

An airliner that originated from New York City was held in quarantine on the McCarran Airport tarmac due to two passengers that have fallen ill possibly with Ebola, several on-board Tweets described.

Several Tweets from passengers posted just after 11 a.m. Friday described people on board being stuck on the tarmac, calling it an “Ebola scare.”

“Two sick passengers, woman and child, came from Africa and have a fever,” a Twitter account belonging to Frank Eposito, who claimed to be on the flight, posted. “They aren’t from a country in Africa with an outbreak though.”

Esposito’s account went on to post, “Passengers not showing any other symptoms other than the fever. CDC is now on the scene.”

“Quarantined on a plane in Vegas due to #ebola scare with two of our passengers. Waiting on their test results…” another Twitter account belonging to Alciia La Belle described.