Flight Jet2 #LS819 to Rhodos returned to Manchester due to landing gear issue.


  • UPDATE 1112 UTC Jet2 #LS819 landed runway 05R.
  • UPDATE 1104 UTC Jet2 #LS819 leaving hold and returning to Manchester runway 05R.


  • UPDATE 1047 UTC Jet2 #LS819 will leave hold to approach runway 05R in 10 minutes.
  • UPDATE 1041 UTC Jet2 #LS819 is still holding 8,000ft with landing gear down.
  • UPDATE 1039 UTC Jet2 #LS819 asks for gear and brakes check when landing at Manchester @AviationAdam
  • UPDATE 1023 UTC Jet2 #LS819 Boeing 757-200 is burning fuel at 8,000ft before returning to Manchester.


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