ALERT London Heathrow Airport to shut one runway

Heathrow Airport is going to shut down one of its two runways and operate take offs and landings from just one runway.

With countries around the world banning travel and the British Government advising against travel outside the country, the number of flights leaving Heathrow has fallen dramatically, leading to the decision to shut down half of its runway capacity.

The airport currently alternates flights taking off and landing at each runway, switching over during the course of the day on a biweekly pattern.

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However, with so few flights needing to leave, the airport will be closing one runway from Monday (April 6)

A letter seen by  to local residents is describes it as a “temporary measure due to the unprecedented impacts of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak”.

The runway used will continue alternating on a weekly basis and will allow the airport to also alternate flights which fly eastwards.

Source: MyLondon

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