cdg-aerialviewUSAC CGT, one of the main air traffic controllers union, supports a national call for strike on Thursday 15 September. The strike will start on Wednesday 14th at 1700 UTC and will end at  0400 UTC on Friday 16th of September.

  • Paris ACC: Minimum service expected mainly in the East.
  • Reims ACC: No problems expected in the East.
  • Brest ACC: Possible disruptions expected in the morning period.
  • Bordeaux ACC: Possible disruptions expected during the morning, improvements are foreseen for the afternoon.
  • Marseille ACC: Minimum service expected during the night of 14th/15th, then no major issues expected for the 15th.


  • LFPG, LFPO and LFOB ( Paris- Charles de Gaulle, Orly and Beauvais) : A 15% reduction of schedules were requested to airlines which have more than 7 flights to/ from these aerodromes. The rescheduled program needs to be submitted before 14th of september at noon.
  • LFMN and LFSB (Nice and Bale-Mulhouse): No problems expected.
    LFBO (Toulouse): the situation is not known for the night 14th/15th, no issues expected for 15th.
  • LFML (Marseille): No issues expected during the day of 15th, but possible disruptions might arise during the evening.
  • LFRS and LFBD (Nantes and Bordeaux): expected issues early morning on 15th.
  • LFLL( Lyon): Expect delays early morning on 15th.
  • LFQQ and LFRR (Lille and Brest): ATS services might have some issues.

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