James Gray, has been banned from flying KLM after trying to open a plane door in flight and says he mistook it for the toilet.

He has been fined £434 by the airline after the incident on the flight from Edinburgh to Amsterdam.

He has been banned from flying KLM for five years.

James says the airline staff has accused him of trying to open the door of the plane, but he insists he only touched the handle after confusing it for the door to the toilet.

Mr Gray was escorted from the flight the moment it touched down in Amsterdam.

He was taken away to a nearby detention centre where he had spent the night before being fined the £434.

For his return flight, the airline refused him from boarding the flight and relied on a friend to pay for his return flight with rival airline, Easyjet.

Mr Gray said he doesn’t know if he will face any further action over the incident but is adamant he wouldn’t dream of opening a plane door on purpose.

Spokesperson for Amsterdam airport and spokesperson for Royal Dutch Border Police both refused to comment.
KLM said a passenger had been handed over to authorities due to his “misbehaviour” on board.

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