ALERT Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 flight #RV1925 tyre burst on takeoff from London Gatwick

A lot of flights were holding at London Gatwick due to Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 flight #RV1925 to Toronto burst a tyre on takeoff.

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  • UPDATE 16:16 UTC Runway 08R is now open!
  • UPDATE 16:14 UTC Thomas Cook #MT561 to London Gatwick is now declaring an emergency due to fuel outage and diverting.
  • UPDATE 16:08 UTC Staff and two trucks with brushes trying to clear runway 08L.
  • UPDATE 15:51 UTC 2 flights tried to land but did a go-around.
  • UPDATE 15:50 UTC Operations stopped once again at Gatwick, runway 08L closed due to debris.

    James Hilton/@jimothysocks
  • UPDATE 14:55 UTC Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 is being towed off the runway.
  • UPDATE 14:24 UTC Picture of the tire burst. Passengers are disembarking on runway at Gatwick.

    Mike Gibson/ @MikeGibson90
  • UPDATE 13:52 UTC Gatwick still closed after Air Canada Rouge #RV1925 landing. Flights are diverting.

  • UPDATE 14:10 UTC Gatwick operations are resuming using backup runway 08L, 08R still closed.
  • UPDATE 13:30 UTC The Boeing 767 is stuck at the end of runway with engines off.
  • UPDATE 13:12 UTC Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 flight #RV1925 returned to Gatwick, with a couple of fire appliances in attendance. Parked at the south west end of the airport. All flights holding currently.
  • UPDATE 13:07 UTC Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 flight #RV1925 is on short final to London Gatwick.
  • UPDATE 13:01 UTC The Boeing 767 is burning/dumping fuel before returning to Gatwick.
  • UPDATE 12:56 UTC Air Canada Rouge Boeing 767 flight #RV1925 is declaring an emergency.

The runway had to be inspected and cleaned before the runway reopened at 13:44 local time for Boeing 767 landing but was closed again because of the aircraft stuck on runway.

A lot of flights had to divert to STN, LUT, BOH, SEN, BHX, LHR…

London Gatwick resumed operations one hour later incident using backup runway 08L.

London Gatwick tracking

Gatwick statement

The runway was closed between 13:16pm and 13:45 after a departing flight reported a burst tyre. This required a runway inspection.

A few departing flights were delayed during this time with a small number of arrivals diverted to other airports.