ALERT Southwest Boeing 737-800 suffered a loss of cabin pressure near Denver on Friday

Southwest Airlines B737-800, N8647A was performing flight WN100 (on Friday) from Las Vegas to Milwaukee with 175 passengers and 6 crew. It was cruising at 37,00ft and was just southwest from Denver. The crew initiated an emergency decent to 16,000ft because of a loss of cabin pressure however passenger oxygen masks were not released. The flight diverted to Denver for a safe landing.

Prior to landing, emergency services at Denver had been told about a number of passengers complaining about discomfort however none required medical attention. Passengers disembarked, but one passenger slipped and fell, making them being taken to hospital.

Replacement 737-800 N8325D reached Milwaukee with a delay of 2 hours.

Southwest Airlines later confirmed a pressurisation problem was the cause of the diversion, as well as saying that one passenger has slipped during disembarking who then fell and was taken to hospital with an injury.

N8647A returned to service the following morning (Saturday).

The aircraft involved in the incident