ALERT Finnair captain was arrested at Helsinki-Vantaa airport for being 1.5 drunk on alcohol test

Finnair confirmed that a pilot who reported for work intoxicated on Wednesday at Helsinki Airport was one of its employees.

According to MTV news, which first reported the story, the pilot had a blood alcohol concentration level of 1.5 on alcohol test. However the airplane was not ready for departure and the captain was not yet sitting in the cockpit.

Finnair said in a press release that company staff made a notification about the suspected substance abuse, and a police patrol was then called to administer a breathalyser test, which confirmed the suspicion.

“In these types of situations termination of employment always follows. We take these things very seriously” Finnair’s head of media relations Päivyt Tallqvist said.

According to the Finnish News Agency STT, the flight was bound for Rome and scheduled to depart in the late afternoon.

Tallqvist says the flight’s departure was delayed by an hour and a half after the crew was changed.

BREAKING 5 million euros of electronic products stolen at the cargo area at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

A 42-year-old truck driver was kidnapped with his truck and cargo of electronic equipment with a value of more than 5 million euros.

A man with a weapon waited for the driver as he drove away from the cargo area of Amsterdam Schiphol Airport where he had loaded his truck. The man forced the driver to drive his truck off the site.

Then the robber stopped the driver and mistreated him. The lorry driver was tied up, put in in trunk of a car and later released near Schiphol.

There is no trace of the truck and cargo, according to Police.

BREAKING Newborn baby found in Hong Kong airport toilets

A baby was taken to hospital after being found by a cleaner in a women’s toilet at Hong Kong International Airport.

The airport received a report at 11.30am that one of its cleaners had found a “newborn baby inside a female toilet” near Gate 60 of the airport’s arrivals level, a spokesperson for the Airport Authority Hong Kong told Channel NewsAsia on Friday (Aug 17).

“The Airport Authority Hong Kong informed the police immediately,” said the spokesperson, adding that the baby was taken to North Lantau Hospital and the incident was handled by the police.

The baby was found inside a plastic bag, the South China Morning Post reported on Friday, adding that the infant has since died in hospital.

The police are investigating the case, the report added.

ALERT Condor flight #DE69 to Dusseldorf diverted to Chania escorted by F-16 fighter jets due to a bomb threat

A German Condor jet made an emergency landing at Chania airport on the Greek island of Crete after a bomb threat on board.

A German passenger jet was forced to land in Greece on Thursday after reporting a bomb threat.

The pilot contacted the control tower at Chania airport after receiving information that suggested there were explosives on board a police official in Crete told AFP.

Condor Airways confirmed that flight #DE69 from Egypt’s Hurghada to Dusseldorf made an unscheduled landing at Chania, on the island of Greece, for safety reasons.

The Boeing 757-300 (reg.D-ABOA) declared an emergency and landed at 17:55 UTC while being escorted by two F16 fighter jets.

Bomb disposal experts and police sniffer dogs were investigating the aircraft, according to local media.

Condor said passengers affected by the diversion would continue their travels on Friday.

BREAKING Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 #MF8667 crash landed at Manila Airport

Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 crash landed at Manila Airport.

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  • UPDATE 6 The Boeing 737-800 was removed – runway 06/24 reopened.
  • UPDATE 5 The Boeing 737-800 is still not removed – runway closure extended up to 0500 Saturday local time.
  • UPDATE 4 New daylight pictures show Xiamen Airlines Boeing 737-800 lost its left engine and main gear during crash landing.
  • UPDATE 3 Xiamen Airlines says all 165 passengers on-board the plane MF8667, which crash landed 23:55 local time in Manila airport, evacuated safely after the emergency incident. The airline says no injures have been reported.
  • UPDATE 2 According to preliminary reports, several passengers have been injured.
  • UPDATE 1 Some flights are diverted to Clark International Airport.
©Jan Quio Naraval c/o PPSG

Flight #MF8667 from Xiamen circled Manila for about one hour before aborting landing. On second attempt at 15:55 UTC, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway 24.

The damages look to be serious as the left engine detached the wing of the Boeing 737-800 (reg. B-5498).


Weather conditions

  • Visibility: 4500 m
  • Few clouds at a height of 1800 ft, Cumulonimbus
  • Broken clouds at a height of 2000 ft

ATC during incident (file video of HKG)

Runway 13 is still open and Emergency evacuation on-going.

BREAKING Qantas cargo plane lost cabin pressure which resulted in the First Officer becoming incapacitated

Image Source: Sydney Morning Herald/Bloomberg

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) has launched an investigation after a Qantas owned 737 freighter, registration VH-XMO, lost cabin pressure which resulted in the First Officer becoming incapacitated.

The plane was flying from Brisbane to Melbourne Wednesday night when the crew received a “wing body overheat warning” according to News Ltd. This resulted in a loss of cabin pressure. The crew donned oxygen masks and descended to 20,000 feet while over the town of Narrandera in southern New South Wales.

The First Officer became incapacitated resulting in the captain descending to 8000 feet and making an emergency landing in Canberra just after midnight. Both pilots were taken to hospital as a precaution.

A Qantas spokesperson told the Sydney Morning Herald, “The Boeing 737 freighter diverted into Canberra on Wednesday night following a fault with the on-board air conditioning system that affected the ability to maintain pressure in the cabin. The aircraft landed normally in Canberra and the pilots went to hospital as a precaution. They were discharged shortly after.”

The flight was operated by Express Freighters Australia, a wholly owned subsidary of Qantas Freight, which is a subsiduary of Qantas.

The ATSB will collect and examine evidence including the flight recorders and interviewing maintenance and flight crew. A final report is expected by the end of the year. Qantas will also begin their own investigation.

Retired doctor removed from easyJet flight by armed police after seat leg room argument

An easyJet passenger who was an injured retired doctor was forced off a plane by armed police officers when flying to London over a disagreement regarding a booked seat with extra legroom.

EasyJet passenger Sam Ramsay Smith, 72, was removed from the flight by armed police officers.

He travelled to Amsterdam from London Gatwick to seek treatment for a medical condition that made it difficult for him to walk easily.

Last year, he contracted multiple sclerosis-like erythromelalgia and was abroad in an attempt to investigate the rare illness.

When returning from Amsterdam, Dr Smith had paid £27 for a seat with extra legroom due to his injury.

When boarding he discovered his seat had been taken, which was when the disagreement took place.

After complaining his front row seat, 1E was occupied, he told the Sun the captain said: “I don’t like your attitude. You have to get off the plane.”

Police armed with machine guns then boarded the plane. Dr Smith told the newspaper: “One said to me ‘are you going to resist?’ I replied ‘do I look as though I am capable?’”

He was then taken off the plane by the police and forced to take a flight to London the next day.

However, the airline has refuted his claims and said that Dr Smith had become abusive during the altercation.

A spokesman said to the Sun: “After changing Dr Ramsay Smith’s flight at his request we were unable to assign him the same seat he had selected on his original flight.

“During boarding he was verbally abusive to crew over being unable to sit in this seat.

“The Captain tried to resolve the issue by offering two other alternative seats which he rejected.

“At this point he physically assaulted the cabin manager and police were called to escort him off the aircraft.

“The safety of our passengers and crew is always easyJet’s highest priority and we cannot tolerate abusive or threatening behaviour towards our crew.”

A koala became an unlikely plane passenger this week on board an Eurowings flight from Dusseldorf to Edinburgh

Tanami was travelling 700 miles from Duisburg Zoo in Dusseldorf, Germany to Scotland to join Edinburgh Zoo.

The koala, a 19-month-old Queensland koala, is named Tanami. He was flying with low-cost airline Eurowings and managed to nab an entire row of seats to himself.

He was even treated to a big bag of eucalyptus so he could snack on his favourite food throughout the flight.

The koala needed the entire row to himself as the creatures are a sensitive breed and can be highly strung.

Tanami is trading places with Toorie, Edinburgh Zoo’s young male koala, who will be making the return flight to Duisburg Zoo next week.

Gordon Dewar, Chief Executive of Edinburgh Airport, said: “We welcome passengers from all over the world to Edinburgh Airport but not all of them are as special or as cute as a koala!

“It was quite exciting to have Tanami arriving here and he joins a list of famous animals who have touched down here to make Edinburgh Zoo their new home.”

Koala numbers are in decline throughout the Eastern coast of Australia where they naturally occur.

The eucalyptus forests that koalas depend upon for survival are disappearing to make way for roads and housing.

When koalas move from one tree to another on the ground, they are very vulnerable to predators, including wild and domestic dogs, and many are hit by cars.

ALERT Two United planes damaged after wings clipped at Chicago O’Hare Airport

The Federal Aviation Administration said two United airplanes were damaged when one plane clipped the wing of another plane on the tarmac at O’Hare International Airport Wednesday afternoon.

The FAA said United flight 645 was pushing back from gate C30 when it clipped the wing of United flight 2746 which was parked at gate C28. Both planes sustained left wing damage.

No injuries were reported and officials at O’Hare said the incident did affecting air travel other than the flights of the two planes involved. Passengers were boarded onto another plane within about an hour.

United Airlines released a statement, saying: “Prior to its departure for Portland, Oregon, United flight 645’s wingtip came into contact with the wingtip of another aircraft parked at a nearby gate. There were no customers on board the parked aircraft at the time of the incident and no reported injuries on either aircraft. We are assisting our customers and expect to operate the flight to Portland with a different aircraft shortly.”

The FAA will investigate the incident.

ALERT Washington DC’s Ronald Reagan airport suffered power outage

Ronald Reagan National Airport, one of the primary airports serving the Washington DC area, registered a power outage beginning at approximately 9:45 pm ET, forcing the airport to put at least some flight takeoffs on hold, and divert others, with many computer systems down.

The airport said via Twitter that flights were operating, albeit slowly during the blackout. A little over an hour after lights went out, it said power was restored.

The airport didn’t specify a reason for the outage.