INCIDENT Two Southwest planes collided during pushback at the Nashville airport

Two Southwest Airlines planes have collided on the tarmac of Nashville International Airport.

Airline officials say no injuries were reported in Saturday night’s collision. An emailed statement from Southwest Airlines spokeswoman Michelle Agnew says the winglet of the St. Louis-bound Southwest Flight 1555 “came into contact” during pushback with the winglet of Southwest Flight 4580, headed for Atlanta.

A photograph provided by a passenger onboard the flight to Atlanta showed rainy weather and what appeared to be the top of the other plane’s fin clipped off.

The airline says both planes returned to the gate “under their own power” and were taken out of service for evaluation. The Southwest flights will continue to the scheduled destinations using new planes.

BREAKING Lufthansa also suspends flights to Cairo over security concerns

The Germany-based carrier has followed British Airway in temporarily flight suspension to the Egyptian capital as a “precaution” for security reasons, according to the company’s statement.

UPDATE Deutsche Lufthansa says it has canceled flights from Frankfurt and Munich to Cairo on Saturday and will resume flights on Sunday.

Lufthansa has said in a statement that “As safety is the number one priority of Lufthansa, the airline has temporarily suspended its flights to Cairo today as a precaution, while further assessment is being made.”

BREAKING British Airways suspends all flights to Cairo due to security concerns

British Airways suspended flights to Cairo for seven days starting Saturday as a precaution to allow for an assessment of security there, the airline said in a statement.

“We constantly review our security arrangements at all our airports around the world, and have suspended flights to Cairo for seven days as a precaution to allow for further assessment,” the statement said.


A letter handed to passengers explained that the bold decision to cancel all flights to the Egyptian city was being made “as a precaution to allow for further assessment” following a review of “security arrangements”.

INCIDENT A PIA ATR-42 skidded off the runway at Gilgit airport

An ATR-42 of Pakistan International Airline (PIA) skidded off the runway while making attempt to land here at Gilgit airport on Saturday.

All passengers remained safe in the incident, the airlines’ spokesperson, Mashhood Tajwar, said in a statement.

He said the pilot skillfully regained control of the plane after the ATR-42 aircraft “slid off to the unpaved [area] to a minor extent during landing”.

The flight #PK605 was carrying 53 people, including crew members, from Islamabad to Gilgit, according to the Gilgit deputy commissioner. The aircraft was pictured resting on its right side after coming to a halt in a grassy area next to the tarmac.

The runway at Gilgit airport was temporarily closed after the incident. When it reopened, PIA’s return flight #PK608 took off for Islamabad.

PIA CEO Air Marshal Arshad Malik ordered a “transparent inquiry” into the incident, the spokesperson said.

He added that action would be taken as per aviation rules if any negligence is proven during the investigation.

The two pilots of the flight involved in the incident have been grounded till the completion of the probe, Tajwar revealed.

BREAKING Operations suspended at London Gatwick after #BA2668 landing

The major airport’s single runway has been temporarily shut after British Airways #BA2668 to Marrakesh landed shortly after taking off.

The plane circled 15 times near Gatwick at 8,000ft after suffering the issue before heading back to the airport due to hydraulic leak.

UPDATE Operations are resuming. Aer Lingus #EI237 to Dublin is the first to take off. easyJet #U28352 is the first to land.

The plane has come to a full stop on the runway and is surrounded by fire engines.

ALERT EASA warns Airbus A321neo operators over ‘excessive pitch’ issue

The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has issued an airworthiness directive for the Airbus A321neo after the aircraft was found in certain cases to pitch its nose upwards excessively.

The regulator stated that “excessive pitch attitude could occur in certain conditions and during specific maneuvers in the final approach to landing”, warning that the condition “could result in reduced control” of the aircraft.

As a safety measure, EASA has ordered A321neo operators to update the flight manuals subsequently, within 30 days.

INCIDENT Man jumps on plane wing as it prepares for takeoff from Nigeria’s Lagos Airport (video)

A man who climbed onto the wing of a plane as it prepared for takeoff at the airport in Nigeria’s Lagos city has been arrested, authorities said.

The man, who has not been identified, walked towards the aircraft on the runway and was spotted by the pilot, who slowed down and later turned off the engine as the man continued to wander around the aircraft, Azman Air said in a statement.

He then jumped onto a wing of the plane and tried to access the cabin, the airline said. The pilot radioed the tarmac to report the incident, according to the airline.

The incident happened Friday morning at the domestic wing of the Murtala Muhammed International airport in Lagos.

The man has been taken into custody and is being questioned, Nigeria’s airport authority said in a statement.

The incident did not delay the flight that was headed to Port Harcourt in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, however, passengers and crew members disembarked for another round of security checks, the airline said.

A young boy steals a plane, crashes it and then steal a second one (video)

An unnamed child, 13, sneaked into the runway at Taihu National Holiday Resort, on the shores of Taihu Lake in Huzhou City, China, and managed to glide both light-sport aircraft around after midnight on July 15.

Staff became alarmed when they arrived the following morning to discover both SeaRey flying boats – one red and one yellow – outside of the hangar.

Some 20 minutes later, the boy was spotted climbing into another craft which he had pushed out of the hangar himself.

The teenager reportedly left on his electric bike after doing two to three circles.

Staff at the flight base, which uses the SeaRey flying boats for sightseeing services, recalled seeing the curious boy the day before while they were inspecting the aircraft.

They claimed the child stared at the planes – built by US aviation company Progressive Aerodyne – for two hours and is thought to have hatched a plan to try and fly them.

Investigators called to look into the case said they found the child at home doing schoolwork, his dad and his two sisters completely unaware that he had sneaked out at night to steal the flying boats.

The owners of the light-sport aircraft have accepted 230 GBP (2,000 RMB) in compensation from the family, despite reporting that the crashed plane suffered an estimated 930 GBP (8,000 RMB) in damage to one of its floats as well as its hull.

Tourist flight base supervisor Mr He said the boy pushed both flying boats out of the hangar and climbed into the open cockpit to start the ignition.

However, even if he had managed to glide at high speed along the runway, the teenager would not have been able to take off – that requires a trained pilot to adjust the flap angles, Mr He added.

INCIDENT Lufthansa #LH1411 evacuated over bomb threat in Belgrade


Lufthansa plane bound for Frankfurt was evacuated at Belgrade airport on Thursday after police received a call saying a bomb was on board, the Serbian interior ministry said.

Serbian state TV said 130 passengers and five crew members have been evacuated after boarding the 6.15 a.m. (0415 GMT) LH1411 flight, and the plane was taken off the runway. Special police units were deployed to search the plane.

“This morning at 6 a.m. an unknown person called and reported there was a bomb on the plane bound for Frankfurt,” the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

“The police are investigating whether it is a false alarm and are also working to identify the person who called,” it said.

A Lufthansa spokesman confirmed the plane was being checked by authorities

Ryanair may cut 30,000 flights and close bases due to delayed Boeing 737MAX deliveries

Ryanair will fly 5 million fewer passengers than planned next year owing to delayed deliveries of Boeing’s grounded 737 Max aircraft, and warned that jobs would be affected and airport bases closed as a result.

Europe’s biggest low-cost carrier was expecting to bring the first five of 135 planes on order into service this year, and 58 by next summer. On Tuesday it said that on a “prudent” estimate it would have about half that number but there were no guarantees.

Ryanair was due to receive 50 Boeing 737 Max aircraft through the closing months of this year and the first quarter of 2020.

Ryanair now expects to carry 157 million passengers in the year to March 2021, cutting its summer 2020 growth rate to 3% from 7%. The lower than expected passenger numbers suggest the airline will cut about 30,000 flights from its plans for next year.

Ryanair’CEO O’Leary said the shortfall in deliveries would mean some base closures over the winter, potentially including routes where flights have already been sold, as well as cuts next summer.