ALERT A passenger has attempted to enter the cockpit of a Wizz Air flight to Iceland

Norwegian South West police said they were notified of an Icelandic man in his 60s trying to get into the cockpit.

The flight #W62427 was forced to turn around and land in Stavanger airport just after 9am on Wednesday.

Norwegian South West police wrote on Twitter: “We are moving out to Stavanger airport after reporting a person who has disembarked on a plane.

“There is control of the person on board.

About an hour later, the service reported: “The plane has landed. We have taken out a male passenger in his 60’s.

“No one has been harmed. We are working to clarify what has happened.”

The man has been arrested, Stavanger airport police chief Kjetil Andersen said.

The fire department and police were on standby at the airport.

The passenger plane was on its way from Hungary to Iceland.

Boeing delays delivery of ultra-long-range version of 777X

Boeing delayed the entry into service of an ultra-long-range version of its forthcoming 777X widebody.

The delay in the slower-selling, longer-range 777-8 will hamper Boeing’s ability to provide a plane in line with the schedule for Qantas Airways Ltd’s plan for 21-hour non-stop Sydney-London flights.

The Australian airline had hoped for first deliveries of the planes in 2022 and the launch of the world’s longest commercial flight in 2023.

Airbus, which is offering an ultra-long-range version of its A350-1000, and Boeing have already submitted their “best and final” offers to Qantas for planes capable of the 17,000 km (10,560 mile) Sydney-London route, a Qantas spokesman said.

More on Reuters.

Shannon Airport operations were suspended following an emergency landing


An incident at Shannon Airport involved a Boeing 767-300 aircraft.

Emergency services are in attendance. All passengers and crew have disembarked.

The Omni Air International jet Boeing 767-300 just was about to depart when the crew had to return to the terminal.

Omni Air International is a civilian airline that transports personnel for the United State’s military.

While the aircraft was taxiing along the runway smoke was spotted by air traffic controllers who quickly alerted the flight crew.

The crew brought their aircraft to a stop on the runway while passengers and crew quickly left the jet via two emergency slides on the right side of the plane.

Airport operations are temporarily suspended.

BREAKING An Ural Airlines A321 made a crash landing in a field after engines ingested birds on takeoff from a Moscow airport

An Airbus A321 plane (reg. VQ-BOZ) of Russia’s Ural Airlines had to land in a field near Moscow after engine fire on Wednesday.

The plane crash landed in a field near the village of Rybaki, which is some 3-5 km away from the runway of Moscow-Zhukovsky Airport (UUBW), Russia.

The plane performing flight #U6178 with 234 people on board, including seven crew membrs, took off from the airport of Zhukovsky in the Moscow region and was bound for the Crimean city of Simferopol.

According to a preliminary version, several birds got ingested into both engines, which led to a fire and loss of power.

All passengers were promptly evacuated. Few passengers were injured.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Moscow Region health ministry said that although no passengers have been hospitalized, some are being treated on site.

20 ambulance crews and two helicopters are working in the area.

Man flies 33 family members to Hawaii for free after saving a million airline miles

One man was able to pull off the ultimate family vacation thanks to amassing an incredible amount of airline mileage points — and his entire 33-member family benefitted from it.

Sam Pratt was able to take his family, ranging from the ages of two to 72, to Hawaii for free after saving over a million frequent flyer miles with Southwest Airlines.

The trip, where the family celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, and a gender reveal party, also had one more major celebration: Pratt’s cancer, which he battled for a year, had entered remission, according to My State Line.

With the knowledge that Pratt’s cancer was in remission and the fact that he had so many frequent flyer miles courtesy of Southwest Airlines, the choice to host a family reunion in Hawaii seemed like the perfect idea.

A man was the only passenger on a Delta connection flight

A man got to fly on a “private” jet last week when he turned out to be the only passenger booked on his Delta flight.

Vincent Peone, a New York City-based writer and director, was taking a 7 a.m. Aspen, Colorado, to Salt Lake City, Utah.

In a video posted to Twitter, he chronicled the unique experience of being the only passenger booked on flight DL3652, a Delta connection flight operated by SkyWest Airlines.

A flight attendant has died after contracting measles on a flight out of New York JFK

An El Al Airlines flight attendant who contracted measles after a person with the disease boarded a flight to Israel has died.

Israel’s Ministry of Health confirmed that a person infected with measles was onboard El Al Airlines flight 002 from New York City’s John F. Kennedy Airport to Tel Aviv on March 26.

Ministry officials cautioned all passengers and crew who were on the flight to notify doctors about their exposure to measles — especially if they developed a fever.

“The Ministry of Health emphasizes that even if you only suspect you developed symptoms of illness and you were aboard this specific flight, you need to immediately contact your general practitioner — preferably call your GP over the phone, and you need to minimize staying in public spaces (e.g. schools, buses, shopping malls, etc.),” the Ministry of Health said in a press release.

On April 4, INSIDER reported that a 43-year-old female flight attendant was hospitalized with measles. A few weeks later, she reportedly fell into a coma. Israel National News reported that she was then transferred to the quarantine section of Meir Medical Center’s intensive care wing in Kfar Saba, Israel, and pronounced dead on Tuesday.

BREAKING China Eastern Boeing 777 lost metal part from left wing during takeoff from JFK Airport

A China Eastern Airlines’ flight from New York to Shanghai was diverted to JFK airport after metal wrapping from the aircraft’s wing fell off.

Flight MU588 took off from JFK International Airport in New York at 4:25pm on Monday US time and returned to the airport at 7:25pm.

A photo taken by a passenger showed a piece of the spoiler on the left wing of the aircraft was missing.

Credit: Ti Gong

“Several passengers noticed the missing part of the wing shortly after takeoff,” said Hou Yangfang, a history professor with Fudan University who was on board. They immediately warned the crew, Hou said.

He said there were about 300 passengers on the aircraft. All remained calm and cooperative after the captain said the aircraft would fly back.

The Boeing 777 circled many times to burn fuel before landing safely. All the passenger applauded the smooth landing.

China Eastern said in a statement that a malfunction was found after the aircraft took off from New York to Pudong and another flight would be arranged soon.

ALERT Norwegian to end transatlantic flights from Irish Airports

Picture from Norwegian.

Norwegian Air is to axe its six routes from Dublin, Cork and Shannon to the US and Canada from September 15 this year.

The airline has said the routes “are no longer commercially viable” and “several thousand customers” will be impacted by the route closures.

Norwegian Air began operating routes between Dublin, Cork, Shannon and the US, amid much fanfare, in July 2017, carrying 650,000 passengers in that time.

It will discontinue these routes from September 15 this year.

The company said it had been undertaking a review of the routes and that the decision was given extra impetus by the grounding of the Boeing 737 MAX.

INCIDENT A Norwegian Dreamliner has hit Gatwick Airport perimeter fence

Credit: Jason Rushworth

A Norwegian Boeing 787 sustained damage while pushing back for Flight #DI7017 from London’s Gatwick Airport to New York’s JFK on Monday, prompting the aircraft to be taken out of service.

Passengers left the Dreamliner (reg. G-CKWB) without incident and boarded a replacement plane to continue their journey.

Norwegian said the 787 Dreamliner was pushed back into a safety fence, damaging the auxiliary power unit cone at the rear of the aircraft. The aircraft is now in maintenance.

The company said it would “like to apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”