ALERT Qantas #QF2650 skidded off runway under rainy conditions at Newman Airport


✈️ QANTAS LINK PLANE AQUAPLANES OFF NEWMAN RUNWAY ✈️NEWMAN AIRPORT IS CLOSED FOR THURSDAYThe Shire of East Pilbara has confirmed that a plane ran over the edge of the Newman runway tarmac this morning into the wet red dirt.143 mm of rain fell overnight at Newman Airport.Police are on the scene.In a statement from Qantas, flight QF2650, a Fokker 100 aircraft flew from Perth Airport to Newman Airport and landed at 7.15 am (local) in poor weather, before coming to a stop at low speed in the runway end safety area (approximately 50 metres past the end of the runway)."The aircraft has come to a complete stop in what’s called the runway end safety area."All 80 passengers and crew exited the aircraft normally (via stairs) and there are no injuries.All flights in and out of Newman have been cancelled for the rest of today, while the aircraft is removed.The incident has been reported to ATSB and Qantas makes an apology to impacted customers.

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In a statement from Qantas, flight QF2650, a Fokker 100 aircraft flew from Perth Airport to Newman Airport and landed at 7.15 am (local) in poor weather, before coming to a stop at low speed in the runway end safety area (approximately 50 metres past the end of the runway).

“The aircraft has come to a complete stop in what’s called the runway end safety area.”

All 80 passengers and crew exited the aircraft normally (via stairs) and there are no injuries.

All flights in and out of Newman have been cancelled for the rest of today, while the aircraft is removed.

The incident has been reported to ATSB and Qantas makes an apology to impacted customers.

ALERT Japan Air Commuter ATR-42 skidded off runway at Amami Airport, Japan

Japan Air Commuter ATR-42 skidded of runway 03 at Amami Airport, Japan.

The aircraft (reg. JA07JC, built 2019) performing flight #JL3820 from Kikai, landed in strong and gusty winds.

All 18 passengers and 3 crew members as  disembarked safely.

Did Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 suffered a technical emergency or was flight #PS752 shot down?

Questions are rising after Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 went down just minutes after taking off from Tehran’s airport, leaving no survivors.

The aircraft (reg. UR-PSR) was seen on fire before to hit the ground.

The crash came at a time of high tensions between Iran and the US – just hours after Iran carried out missile strikes on two air bases housing US forces in Iraq. However there is no evidence the two events are linked.

Photos of the crash site show pieces of the aircraft fuselage and tail with similar holes to the ones identified on the Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 that was shot down in 2014.

US intelligence

Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 #PS752 could have shot down by Iran’s anti-aircraft missile. US intelligence picked up signals of the radar being turned on & satellite detected infrared blips of 2 missile launches, probably SA-15s, followed shortly by another infrared blip of an explosion.

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation investigation

Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation (CAOI) chief Ali Abedzadeh said: “The plane, which was initially headed west to leave the airport zone, turned right following a problem and was headed back to the airport at the moment of the crash.”

In comments published by Iran’s conservative Mehr news agency, the head of Iran’s Civil Aviation Organisation (CAO), Ali Abedzadeh, said: “We will not give the black box to the manufacturer and the Americans.”

“This accident will be investigated by Iran’s aviation organisation but the Ukrainians can also be present,” he added.

Unusual data

Flight data from the Ukrainian Airlines Boeing 737-800 shows that the plane climbed normally after taking-off from Tehran.

It reached 7,900ft before the aircraft’s data suddenly disappears. This is unusual and would suggest some type of catastrophic incident on board the plane.

The Boeing 737-800 is powered by two CFM International CFM56 engines.

Western intelligence agencies

Five security sources – three Americans, one European and one Canadian – who asked not to be named, told Reuters the initial assessment of Western intelligence agencies was that the plane had suffered a technical malfunction and had not been brought down by a missile.

There was evidence one of the jet’s engines had overheated, the Canadian source said.

Ukrainian request

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a televised statement that “a thorough and independent investigation will be conducted in accordance with international law”, and that he would speak to Iranian leaders to step up cooperation in investigating the crash.

Volodymyr Zelenskiy, meanwhile, said crash investigators from his country had arrived in Iran to assist in the probe.

BREAKING First satellite photos reveal damages at Ain al-Assad air base, Iraq after Iranian missile strike

Planet Labs Inc./Middlebury Institute

Satellite photos taken Wednesday show that an Iranian missile strike has caused extensive damage at Ain al-Assad air base in Iraq, which houses U.S. and coalition troops.

Planet Labs Inc./Middlebury Institute

The photos show hangars and buildings hit hard by a barrage of Iranian missiles that were fired early Wednesday morning local time.

At least five structures were damaged in the attack at the base in Anbar province, which apparently was precise enough to hit individual buildings.

British Airways #BA134 from Mumbai made a turn to avoid Iraq airspace after Iran fired missiles at Air Bases used by US troops

A British Airways plane made a dramatic turn to avoid Iraq after Iran fired more than a dozen missiles at air bases used by US troops.

The Boeing 777-200ER flying from Mumbai to London Heathrow circled back just minutes before it was due to fly over Iraq.

The jet very briefly entered Iraqi and Iranian airspaces at 01:26 UTC before it turned around over the Gulf and Kuwait.

It flew across Saudi Arabia and Egypt and over the Mediterranean while diverting to Athens because it was running low on fuel.

Three hostages taken as mini-bus hijacked at Dublin Airport

Two men have been arrested as part of an investigation into a stolen mini-bus and suspected false imprisonment of three passengers at Dublin Airport.

Shortly after 1am on Wednesday morning, an alarm was raised when a mini-bus was taken during an incident at Dublin Airport.

It is understood that three passengers were in the bus when two men boarded it and drove in the direction of the M1 motorway.

The passengers, who were unharmed, got off the bus a short time later on the M1 near Julianstown.

The mini-bus then continued north on the motorway until it was located near Drogheda and followed by Garda units, before crossing the Border north of Dundalk.

The Police Service of Northern Ireland were alerted and the mini-bus was located again a short time later, having returned across the Border into Co Monaghan.

The vehicle was then followed by gardai before it was abandoned following a crash.

The two occupants of the mini bus fled on foot before taking possession of a parked car.

This car was intercepted near Castleblayney a short time later by armed officers from the Garda Regional Support Unit with assistance from Garda Air Support.

The occupants of the car, two men in their 30s, were arrested and are currently detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, 1984 at Carrickmacross Garda Station.

BREAKING The body of a child has been found in the landing gear of an Air France Boeing 777 at Paris CDG

A child has been found dead in the landing gear of an Air France plane landing at Paris CDG.

The body of a “ten year old” child was found on Wednesday morning in the landing gear of an Air France plane from Abidjan.

  • UPDATE The identity of the young Ivorian man found dead on Wednesday in the landing gear of an airplane connecting Abidjan to Paris was revealed on Friday by the Ivorian authorities. It was a 14-year-old boy who was in grade 4, named  Laurent Ani Guibahi.

    Footage from CCTV showed the boy dressed in a T-shirt accessed the landing gear of the aircraft by grabbing it when it was preparing to take off around 22.55 “.

The Boeing 777-300ER (reg. F-GSQY) performing flight #AF703 took off from Abidjan on Tuesday evening and landed shortly after 6 a.m. in Paris.

According to our information, the body was found in the left main gear. In a press release, the airline confirms the death.

BREAKING Ukraine International Boeing 737-800 #PS752 has crashed after take off from Tehran

A Ukrainian Boeing 737-800 carrying 176 passengers and crew has crashed near Tehran.

Iranian state media reported that the Kiev-bound Ukrainian International Airlines flight #PS752 crashed few minutes after takeoff from Imam Khomeini International Airport, killing all 167 passengers and nine crew on board.

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  • UPDATE Cabin crew of crashed Ukrainian Boeing 737-800.
  • UPDATE Iran will not give black box from crashed Ukrainian 737-800 to Boeing.
  • UPDATE Both cockpit voice recorder and flight data recorder have been found.
  • UPDATE Victims: Iranians 82, Canadians 63, Ukrainians 2+9 (crew), Swedish 10, Afghans 6, Germans 3, British 3.
  • UPDATE Iranian sources say the Ukrainian plane did not contact the control tower.
  • UPDATE The flight #PC752 was heading to Kiev.
  • UPDATE The Boeing 737-800 (reg. UR-PSR) was only 3 years old.
  • UPDATE Ground witnesses observed a fire before the 737 went down.
  • UPDATE Flight data shows the aircraft reached an altitude of 7,900 ft and then suddenly disappeared at a ground speed of 270 kts.

Photos later published by Iran’s state-run IRNA news agency showed rescue officials in a farm field, with what appeared to be pieces of the aircraft laying nearby.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky expressed condolences in a message from Oman.

FAA has issued a NOTAM outlining flight restrictions that prohibit U.S. civil aviation operators from operating in the airspace over Iraq, Iran, and the waters of the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman.

ALERT Stavanger Airport is closed due to a huge fire in the airport’s parking garage

All airline traffic in and out of Stavanger’s main airport at Sola was halted Tuesday afternoon after a fire in the airport’s parking garage raged out of control.

Prime Minister Erna Solberg was among those stranded by the airport closure, which wasn’t expected to reopen until Wednesday morning at the earliest.

As the fire spread in the garage, explosions could be heard as parked cars’ fuel tanks blew up from the heat. More than 300 cars were already destroyed.

Airport operator Avinor reported that the garage has capacity for more than 3,000 cars and was almost full when the fire broke out around 4pm.

The smoke and explosions from the fire that was first reported at around 3pm forced not only the halt in all airline traffic but also evacuation of nearby buildings.

Spirit Airlines finalizes order for 100 Airbus A320neo Family aircraft

U.S.-based Spirit Airlines has finalized a purchase agreement with Airbus for 100 A320neo Family aircraft.

In October, the two parties had signed and announced a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the purchase of up to 100 of the aircraft – a mix of A319neo, A320neo, and A321neo – to meet the airline’s future fleet requirements.

Spirit is based in South Florida and is the fastest-growing airline in the United States, with flights throughout the U.S., Latin America and the Caribbean. The airline will announce an engine selection at a later date.

Firm orders worldwide for the A320neo Family now have surpassed 7,300 from more than 110 global customers.