An Ellinair aircraft on Wednesday slid off the runway at the Heraklio Airport on the island of Crete.

Ellinair Airbus A320 (ER-32002) ran off tarmac when about to taxi to the departure runway at Heraklion-Intl Airport(HER, LGIR), Greece. There were no injuries. Flight #EL700 to Moscow was cancelled.

“During the launch process of flight ELB 700 from Heraklion to Sheremetyevo in Moscow, and while the aircraft was stationary, it slid to a lower ground,” Ellinair said in an announcement.

“No injuries or panic incidents were recorded amongst passengers and crew, and everyone is in good health. The aircraft, owned by a partner company of Ellinair, is at the disposal of the authorities with the airline’s full cooperation.

All passengers have reached their final destination, while Ellinair has helped them in every possible way”.

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