An U.S. Osprey is stuck on an island in Norway as repairs onsite are thought to be impossible

An USAF Special Operations CV-22 Osprey is stuck in the nature reserve Stongodden on the island of Senja in Troms (Norway).

The aircraft, CV-22B 10-0053, belonging to the 7th Special Operations Squadron ‘Aircommandos’ based at Mildenhall (UK), made an emergency landing there on 12 August 2022.

Since the event, the Osprey is stuck on the island as repairs onsite are thought to be impossible.

Norwegian Authorities have been investigating several options to salvage the plane from the nature reserve, in constant contact with the US Authorities.

The locally very shallow coast, which makes it very difficult to bring a transport barge nearby and the Norwegian climate.

Source and more details on Scramble.

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