Boeing has begun final assembly of the first 737 MAX 8, built on the new production line in the Renton factory. The company plans to roll out the first completed 737 MAX by the end of the year and fly it in early 2016.

FAA administration Steve Dickson said that international air safety regulators are close to agreeing on the final fixes needed before the Boeing 737MAX can return to service.

But Dickson also said that Boeing found a new software problem with the 737MAX. The issue is related to the alert function on the trim system, which helps raise and lower the plane’s nose, sources told Bloomberg.

The issue needs to be fixed before the troubled plane can return to service, but it’s unclear how big an impact this new finding will have.

Last month, a separate software issue was found related to a power-up function that checks to see if data it is receiving from Boeing 737 Max monitors are working correctly.

Boeing said it still sees the 737 Max returning in mid-2020

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