BREAKING A LATAM A320neo struck a vehicle during take off from Peru’s Jorge Chavez Airport

 An Airbus A320neo has crashed on take-off from Peru’s Jorge Chavez Airport.

Footage to shows a vehicle entering the active runway 16, as the aircraft was on take-off roll.

UPDATE The LATAM Airbus A320neo has been towed from the runway at Lima Airport with right wing supported by a truck.

UPDATE Two firefighters have been killed and one has been injured the Minister of Justice said.

Involved aircraft is an Airbus A320neo (reg. CC-BHB).

Video suggests that multiple airport fire service vehicles crossed the active runway 16 immediately before the accelerating A320.

One truck collided with the right engine and wing resulting in a fire and a gear collapse.

After the collision, flight #LA2213 to Juliaca came to a stop on the runway and passengers were evacuated immediately.

LATAM Peru confirmed that flight LA2213 performing the Lima – Juliaca route, operated by LATAM Airlines Peru, suffered an accident on the ground. No passengers or crew members have been killed.

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