Terminal West of Paris Orly Airport (ORY) was evacuated after a man was shot dead. The man stole the weapon of a Sentinel Operation soldier.

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  • UPDATE 1430 UTC ‪Terminal South at Paris ORY is now open‬.
  • UPDATE 1255 UTC ‪No more diversions, all flights are now allowed to land at Paris ORY‬.
  • UPDATE 1207 UTC Operations resuming at Paris Orly, terminal West open, terminal South still closed.
  • UPDATE 1025 UTC Terminal West may open in few hours and terminal South may open during evening.
  • UPDATE 1008 UTC Police source says the man behind the Paris incidents was a radicalised muslim known to intelligence services.
  • UPDATE 0957 UTC No explosives found at Paris ORY, officials say.
  • UPDATE 0914 UTC Police opetation on going at terminal South.
  • UPDATE 0913 UTC 3,000 passengers evacuated at terminal West.
  • UPDATE 0909 UTC All flights are diverting to Paris CDG.
  • UPDATE 0905 UTC Both terminals West and South are evacuated.
  • UPDATE 0903 UTC All traffic is suspended due to on going police operation.

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