BREAKING About 2,000 U.S. soldiers from Fort Bragg, North Carolina will fly to Poland and Germany

US President Joe Biden has ordered the deployment of thousands of troops to Eastern Europe as tensions with Russia escalate over Moscow’s potential invasions of Ukraine, American officials said Wednesday.

The number of troops to be deployed stands at around 3,000, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing US officials.

“They are trained and equipped for a variety of missions during this period of elevated risk,” a senior Pentagon official was quoted as saying. The official added that the moves were “meant to deter the threat against the alliance. We are literally willing to put skin in the game.”

The 2,000 soldiers troops from Fort Bragg are expected to arrive in Poland and Germany.

An estimated 1,000 soldiers will reposition from Germany to Romania.

Biden’s final decision was reportedly made on Tuesday after meeting with his defense secretary and the top US military general.

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