A member of Air India’s ground staff has been sucked into an aircraft jet engine and was killed instantly. This incident occurred today at Mumbai airport in India while the aircraft was preparing to depart to Hyderabad.

The technician was killed after being sucked into the engine during push back at 9pm local time.

The airline, Air India, says it is ‘deeply saddened’ by what has happened and is described as a ‘mishap’ and a ‘tragic incident’.

Flight AI619 was preparing to depart for Hyderabad.

It is not yet clear how the worker came to be so close to the engine.

Air India bosses are yet to say how many people were on board the plane and whether passengers had witnessed the incident.

Flight AI619 departed 3 and a half hours later then planned on replacement A319 aircraft. The flight arrived at Hyderabad just under 3 hours late.

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