The Aeromexico jet had just taken off from Guadalupe Victoria International airport in Durango, Mexico.

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  • UPDATE 22:30 UTC During a press conference Durango State Governor Jose Aispuro said the plane had tried to abort take-off due to bad weather but did so too late, and crashed into flames at the end of the runway.
  • UPDATE 22:12 UTC Durango State Governor Jose Aispuro says there are no fatalities from the crash of Aeromexico flight.
  • UPDATE 22:12 UTC Mexican Transport Secretary Gerardo Ruiz Esparza says there were 97 passengers & 4 crew on board.
  • UPDATE 22:12 UTC Flight attendants can be seen at the crash site.
  • UPDATE 21:45 UTC Involved plane is an Embraer E190 (reg. XA-GAL) flight #AM2431 from Durango to Mexico City.
  • UPDATE 21:40 UTC About 80 passengers reported to be on board.

Aeromexico confirmed on Twitter it was aware of an accident involving one of its planes near Durango, Mexico, on Tuesday. The airline offered few details but said it was working to verify the information and get additional information.


Jose R. Aispuro, the constitutional governor of the state of Durango, also wrote about the accident on Twitter. He said there were not yet any official figures of the injured or deceased but that he asked security and emergency departments to head to the scene.

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