Arrivals are regulated with a low rate at Amsterdam due to an ATC system failure.

Please reload the page for updates…

  • UPDATE 16:14 UTC The ATC systems are up and running again. Due to the previous problems, flights to and from Schiphol might still be delayed or cancelled this evening.
  • UPDATE 14:36 UTC Per NOTAM, disruption end time estimated at 18:00z.
  • UPDATE 14:35 UTC Attempt to restart the systems.
  • UPDATE 14:25 UTC 25 KLM European return flights have been cancelled.
  • UPDATE 12:40 UTC  40 aircraft in the outbound queue accounting 1,5 hour delay.
  • UPDATE 11:29 UTC Outbound delay is growing fast to 1 to 1,5 hour.

A complete system shutdown is in progress and controllers are mostly manual operating. It results to 30 minute outbound queue.

Very High delays expected during the day.

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