Brisbane international airport has been put on lockdown due to a security incident.

Brisbane Airport confirms the Australian Federal Police is managing the incident..

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  • UPDATE 6 All clear given by Police to reopen the terminal. Operational staff will return first, followed by passengers.
  • UPDATE 5 It’s a domestic violence related situation.
  • UPDATE 4 The man has been taken into custody. Police are currently conducting clearance searches of the International Terminal. No reported injuries to any members of the public or police.
  • UPDATE 3 The man has been seen next to red rooster, central section between the two escalators in the terminal.
  • UPDATE 2 The man is in his late 60s with rifle and spikes on wrists.
  • UPDATE 1 A man is claiming to have a bomb and knives.

The International Airport has been evacuated and trains have currently been stopped.

Police have made a declaration under the Public Safety and Preservation Act tonight at Brisbane Airport due an emergency situation.

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