BREAKING British and French military aircraft scrambled due to Russian military jets over North Sea

Several British and French military aircraft were scrambled today.

Two RAF planes were sent to the coast off Newcastle after the Russian Blackjacks long-range bomber jets passed through “a variety of international airspace”, which had been monitored by NATO partners.

A Typhoon fighter jet and a supporting Airbus Voyager tanker plane were sent out from RAF Lossiemouth in northeast Scotland just before 3pm, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed.

A French fighter jet and its supporting tanker plane had been sent out from an eastern French military airbase as they passed over the country earlier in the day.


  • UK QRA tanker is returning to base


  • French tanker and AWACS are returning to base
  • 1 UK QRA fighter is returning to base
  • UK QRA tanker is still up